Bhutan Observer Pvt. Ltd. (BOPL) is committed to upholding and strengthening the values and principles that bind this small, but great kingdom, Bhutan. We are committed to engaging the Bhutanese citizens in a Bhutanese way. We measure our success by what is essentially Bhutanese.

Upholding social values:

While business growth will determine the success of BOPL, profitability need not necessarily be the core mission. The growth should be simultaneous with upholding the values of what guide us as Bhutanese; ideals that form the foundation of Bhutanese social values.

The social characteristics such as networks, norms, love, trust, reciprocity, compassion, respects and loyalty in one’s relationship with other people are the very essence of the Bhutanese traditional values and practices. The concept of “tha dhamtshig” should define BOPL’s working culture. Strong social values should serves as the basis for human relationships, meaningful interactions, cooperation and support for one another.

His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namhyal Wangchuck recognised in his coronation address on November 7, 2008 that core values form a common thread that binds and guides the nation. His deepest concern was that as the world changes, Bhutan may lose its fundamental values on which rest its character as a nation and people. He emphasized on being able to recognise Bhutanese character irrespective of how far we look back into the past or into the future.

“As even more dramatic changes transform the world and our nation, as long as we continue to pursue the simple and timeless goal of being good human beings, and as long as we strive to build a nation that stands for everything that is good, we can ensure that our future generations for hundreds of years will live in happiness and peace”.

We should try and replicate His Majesty’s vision in the building of our company, BOPL.

Inclusive plans:

For the healthy growth of the company, the company should be able to make a difference for its clients, employees, and investors. First and foremost, it’s critical that the employee welfare is taken care of which in turn leads to better performance of the working team. Company’s commercial interest will not overrule the staff working environment.

As a company with diversified business units, BOPL will explore various markets, and will develop a niche in the marketplace—a niche that might be expanded as resources (human and capital) become more and more available. But whatever plans made will be inclusive. More and inclusive ideas, comments, feedbacks, suggestions, and recommendations are always better than just a few.

Everyone will be working as a team, and not as individuals. Planning and development of BOPL activities should not take place in isolation, and there will be transparency and accountability of the business undertakings. BOPL businesses should be considered as part of the sustainable development of communities, alongside other activities.

Adopting best practices:

BOPL will incorporate national and international evidence of working culture and practices, and promote a practice that is up to date, effective and works towards greater consistency.

Best practices exist for every area of business, from accounting to human resources to marketing to research and development. No matter the size of our business, growth is only made possible by assessing the context of the best practice, conducting research in varied businesses, and thoughtfully following only the relevant practices. While adopting the best practices, BOPL will also learn from its past failures and successes.

While following the best examples, we will not forget our environment. Impacts on the local environment and communities are to be given paramount importance. The sustainable development of businesses should pay equal attention to global impacts, especially with respect to pollution (such as greenhouse gas emissions) and the use of nonrenewable resources.

Sustainability is not just about the supply side. Equal consideration should be given to influencing the pattern and impact of consumption. It should be our responsibility to ensure that a quality product addresses sustainability issues than just simply concentrating on consumer satisfaction. Consumers should be made to think along the line that a place that cares for the environment and its workforce is more likely also to care for them.Work recognition:

BOPL will foster a culture of accountability, transparency and recognition.

BOPL will support innovative breakthroughs from any members of the working team that can drive the Bhutanese economy, fuel exploration into new areas of business, and create new products, services, and tools that can enhance healthy business and contribute to company turnover. And rewarded, they shall be.

Dedicated service to the company, maintaining company confidentiality, making best use of company time, and multi-task jobs will also be recognized. By acknowledging top performers, BOPL will be setting the right example for everyone else to follow.

 Corporate colour: orange and white

Corporate logo: The Eye

The corporate logo was inspired by the eyes of the Buddha, which see everything with impartiality, benevolence, wisdom and honesty. We chose only one eye for a sharper focus. We have seen that there has been a strong tradition across time of using eye symbolism to generally represent a benevolent creator force watching over, helping and protecting humanity and to represent a spiritual part within.

The Eye to BOPL means:

Seeing the future with wisdom and honesty:

The all-seeing eye is a symbol of divine providence, powerfully representing spiritual truth and awakening. We will conduct our business activities with wisdom and honesty. If we are wise, we can see beyond material things, the truth and it is this truthfulness that will gain the trust of the workers and the market force. The world is in a muddle now because people don’t use their eye of wisdom to see things. People are distracted and deceived by greed, hatred and ignorance. Only wisdom will lead the world out of the darkness.

The eye also works as a therapeutic tool that allows companies to sustain a healthy and happy workforce. Seeing the world through Buddha’s eyes will have a far enriching effect in achieving our set goals and objectives.

Ethical conduct of business:

There are many ways on how to operate ethically and effectively in the business setting. We should not shut our eyes to them. Not only does working ethically encourage a more harmonious and open communication process in the workplace, but it also an important factor in customer service. Companies which show themselves to be ethical, transparent and support the community also earn good brand loyalty from consumers in the modern world.

Recognising the right thought and being unbiased:

Training your workforce with the right company visions can result in greater creativity, teamwork and co-operation as colleagues learn not to attach to their own ideas or fixed ways of doing things, and to share their successes with others. This learning also builds an increased ability to adapt, and to be flexible and resilient in the face of change.

Also recognizing the hard efforts put in by the company team without any biases will result in better working environment and enhance staff motivation to achieve more.