Bhutan Observer provides expert editorial services – from substantive reshaping, rewriting, to light editing, proofreading, translation, copy editing and press release services. Run by an able team of people working in the editorial, commercial, administrative and managerial departments, it is one of the leading publication houses in Bhutan.

Bhutan Observer Focus – BO Focus is a special news magazine published periodically which brings in-depth coverage on prevailing issues. It is presented in two forms, print and audio visual.

Widely read and circulated Druk Air’s inflight magazine Tashi Delek is published by Bhutan Observer Publications since 2012.

 Graphic designing

 Research and media consultancy

Bhutan Observer publication has the best editorial team with years of experience capable of meeting various creative/writing needs of the clients. Bhutan Observer researches and evaluates technical and scientific information. Our projects include data analysis for advisory reports, development of evidence-based guidelines and policy, and literature reviews.