Another major part of our business is the fabrication activities. We fabricate angle post, flat straps, steel gates, window grills, steel railings, and such other customizable fabrication jobs.

Our advantage in fabrication is that most of the shearing, punching and notching jobs are carried out with the help of our Hydraulic Ironworker which can produce a perfect finish with precise measurements. Our multi-functional ironworker can cut and punch all kinds of materials such as plate, square bar, angle, round bar, and channel within few seconds thus saving time and energy.

Some of the commonly used angle sizes are:

     1) 75x75x6mm

     2) 65x65x6mm

     3) 50x50x6mm

     4) 50x50x5mm

     5) 40x40x6mm

Some of the commonly used flat strap sizes are:

    1) 65x6mm

    2) 50x6mm

    3) 40x6mm

Commonly used hollow structures (MS Pipe):

   1) 100mm dia

2) 75mm dia

3) 65mm dia

4) 50mm dia

5)40mm dia

6)30mm dia