We produce U-nails from 10 SWG (3.15mm) & 8 SWG (4mm) Hot Dipped galvanized wire for clipping and fixing barbed wire/chainlink to a fencing post (mild steel or wood post). U-nail produced by Thangtong comes in two types- machine made and hand made. Machine made u-nail is produced using only 10 SWG diameter wire and comes in length of 50mm. They usually have sharp points/edges especially for fixing to wooden post. Hand-made U-nails are produced using both 10 SWG & 8 SWG diameter wire and comes in length of 50mm to 70mm. These are usually made for fixing chainlink and barbed wire to angle post where the length of the u-nail is more than 50mm.


We produce nails from high quality Hard Black wire that has the advantage of strength, resistance, rust and eliminates the most common problem of bend resulting in high value and minimal wastage. Thangtong produces nails from H.B wire with diameter ranging from 2.5mm to 5.4mm to give a finished product of 1” to 6” length.